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Dr. Nihar Mehta

MBBS | C. Diabetology | M.D. Medicine | D.N.B. Medicine | D.N.B. Cardiology

Leading Consultant Cardiologist in Mumbai with over 10 years experience in arrhythmias management, catheter ablation and implantation of cardiac devices.

Specialist in Interventional Cardiology, Structural Heart Disease Intervention, NonInvasive Cardiology, Heart Failure & Hypertension.

Interventional Cardiology

Interventional Cardiology is a subspecialty of cardiology in which catheter-based diagnostic tests and treatment are provided for coronary artery disease, valvular disease, structural heart disease, peripheral vascular disease and various other diseases. Interventional cardiology is a branch of cardiology that deals specifically with the catheter based treatment of structural heart diseases.

A large number of procedures can be performed on the heart by catheterization. This most commonly involves the insertion of a sheath into the femoral artery (but, in practice, any large peripheral artery or vein) and cannulating the heart under X-ray visualization (most commonly fluoroscopy).

The radial artery may also be used for cannulation; this approach offers several advantages:

  1. Easy accessibility of the artery in most patients.
  2. Easy control of bleeding even in anticoagulated patients.
  3. More comfortable to the patient because they are capable of sitting up and walking immediately following the procedure.
  4. The near absence of clinically significant sequelae in patients with a normal Allen test.

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Very nice Doctor. Easy to communicate with, listens to the patients and explains very well (Good Experience).

Shakuntala H

He is very nice doctor and I honor him as a doctor afterwards firstly I treat him as my son. Very good Experience with the doctor.

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Very Good, I get very relaxed after meeting him. Always available anytime, friendly and polite.

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